The ``Vibe`` Collection

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The Vibe collection is all about our play with height, color and lighting, the focal point being our circle pendant chandelier light which bleeds playful shadows into the adjoining room. Our laser cut oval nightstand lights also pack an illuminating punch in the bedroom. Lounging in the vibe room is full of character with fascinating fixtures for the gazing eye like milkbone vases, bright stemmed and petal floral arrangements, trees and decorative candles peppered throughout this energetic room. We’ve used shagged rugs in both the living and dining area for barefoot nights of repose and soft cushioned armless chairs for lengthy dinners.

Our artwork in the Vibe collection is one of the most favored and features interesting dynamic from room to room. We’ve saved our most tranquil pieces for each bedroom with effortless bedding and chic Cherrywood nightstand drawers. The Vibe collection is our ode to the details and is proof to anyone that small touches sell the home when staged properly.

Incorporate contemporary vibes in your home with this collection by contacting us today!

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